Welcome to our R Puppy Pictures website, where you will see our Puppies are Stars. Our site is a place for us to offer videos and  show off our puppies. We also have adorable puppy pictures on our site for you to enjoy.. All the puppies on this website has been breed my ME Cindy Miller Aurora Mo 65605. If you are interested in adding a puppy to your family visit our main website at www.shorkieworld.com

www.Shorkiestars.com to see shorkie puppy videos





Our website is dictated to our puppy pictures of our fur-kids. Each of the the puppy pictures you see on our website is taken by me. . We take great pride in not only our fur babies but also the  puppy pictures we take of them, to show them off. That way when our puppy parents look at their  puppy pictures they know everything about their new puppy.


About our puppy photos:

We love our puppy pictures to be cute and adorable so they show off each one of our fur-kids. We try and post our new photos at least once a week when we have puppies available. We start taking photos of our puppies when they are about 3-7 days old. We know how our puppy parents love to watch them grow. Most of the time our photos are taken with a solid back ground adopted parents can see just the puppies. We try to take close up photos is we can. We also try to show the babies coat color and the thickness of it. We love our babies to have nice thick coast and adorable teddy bear face's. Our photos will show our babies at their different ages. Our puppies can change dramatically as they mature and get older.


The videos of my fur-kids are done either in my living room or my puppy playroom. In each video we try to capture our puppies true personality and show our puppy parents what to except when they come home. In our videos you will see our puppies bark, play, jump, and even cuddle to us.


Some of our puppy pictures that you can find on our main websites are a few years old. But please take a look at them. By looking at the older photos you will see the quality of puppies we raise.  We take great pride in our fur babies. Raising happy, healthy, loving, babies are my one true passion.


Look Puppy Pictures are also on our main website.

Our photos feature our shorkie puppies, and our shorkie videos



Under our nursery, or our adopted pages. www.shorkieworld.com has more puppy pictures of our shorkies















For breeder information visit the following websites:

For information about shorkie breeder visit shorkiebreeder.com and see pictures

For information on Shichon breeders visit shichonbreeders.net

When doing research for shichon puppies visit shichonbreeders.net 

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